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CSUSM business and professional development courses

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A to Z Grant Writing
A+ Certification Training (CompTIA) voucher included
A+, Network+, Security+ (Voucher Included) CompTIA™ Certification Training
ABAP Fundamentals
ABAP Programming I
ABAP Programming II
Accounting for Companies' Stock Transactions and Dividends
Accounting Fundamentals
Accounting Fundamentals II
Accounting Transactions and Books of Account
Achieving Goals through Perseverance and Resilience
Achieving Success with Difficult People
Achieving Top Search Engine Positions
Adding Visuals, Themes, and Styles to Excel 2010 Workbooks
Addressing and Redistributing E-mail
Administrative Assistant Applications
Administrative Assistant Fundamentals
Administrative Professionals: Common Administrative Support Tasks
Administrative Professionals: Interacting with Others
Administrative Professionals: Maximizing Your Relationship with Your Boss
Administrative Professionals: Putting Your Best Foot Forward
Administrative Professionals: Representing Your Boss
Adopting an Agile Approach to Project Management
Advanced Analysis of your Project
Advanced Customization
Advanced Customization in Excel 2003
Advanced Customization with MS Project 2007
Advanced Customizing with Project 2010
Advanced Data Analysis in Excel 2003
Advanced Data Exchange in Excel 2003
Advanced Data Management in Excel 2002
Advanced Data Management in Excel 2003
Advanced Data Manipulation and Analysis in Excel 2002
Advanced Fiction Writing
Advanced formatting in Excel 2003
Advanced Grant Proposal Writing
Advanced I
Advanced II
Advanced Microsoft Excel 2003
Advanced Microsoft Excel 2007
Advanced Microsoft Excel 2010
Advanced Microsoft Excel 2010 Training
Advanced Oracle SQL Queries
Advanced Reporting and Management Tools in Project 2010
Advanced Resource Management with Project 2010
Advanced Scheduling Management with Project 2010
Advanced Tools for Managing Multiple Projects with Project 2010
Advanced Validation and Collaboration in Excel 2003
Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)
Agile Project Management Essentials
Allerton Connector Highway Project Management Simulation
Amended Tax Returns For Individuals
An Introduction to Six Sigma
Analyzing Data with What-if Analysis in Excel 2010
Analyzing Financial Statements for Non-financial Professionals
Anger Management Essentials: Managing and Controlling Anger
Anger Management Essentials: Understanding Anger
Applying Basic Data Formatting in Excel 2010
Applying Lean in Service and Manufacturing Organizations
Asset & Liability Management for Insurance Companies
Asset Securitization Training
Attending a Microsoft Office 2007 Live Meeting
Auditing for Cash and Inventories
Auditing for Internal Control and Risk Assessment
Auditing the Revenue Cycle
Automating Excel 2010 Tasks Using Macros


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Banking Management Operations
Basic Accounting Principles and Framework
Basic Business Math: Averages and Equations
Basic Business Math: Charts and Graphs
Basic Business Math: Percentages and Ratios
Basic Business Math: Using Whole Numbers and Decimals
Basic CompTIA A+ Certification Prep
Basic Features of Excel 2002
Basic Features of Excel 2003
Basic Management Skills
Basic Presentation Skills: Creating a Presentation
Basic Presentation Skills: Delivering a Presentation
Basic Presentation Skills: Planning a Presentation
Basic Statistics and Graphical Methods for Six Sigma
Basics of Six Sigma Projects and Teams
Become an Entrepreneur
Becoming a Grant Writing Consultant
Beginner's Guide to Getting Published
Beginning Writer's Workshop
Being an Effective Team Member
Biofuel Production Operations
Biology: Semester 1
Bouncing Back with Perseverance and Resilience
Brand Management for Social Media and Wireless Technologies
Breaking Into Sitcom Writing
Building a Schedule with Project 2010
Building a Winning Sales Team
Building Analyst Quick Start
Building Lasting Customer-brand Relationships
Building Teams That Work
Business Analysis Requirements Elicitation
Business Analysis Requirements Management and Communication
Business Analysis: Enterprise Analysis
Business Analysis: Introduction to Requirements Analysis
Business Analysis: Solution Assessment and Validation
Business Analysis: Verify and Validate Requirements
Business and Marketing Writing
Business Coaching: Building the Coaching Relationship
Business Coaching: Conducting Coaching Sessions
Business Coaching: Getting Ready to Coach
Business Coaching: Using Different Coaching Styles
Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Security Training, and Forensics
Business Execution: Crafting a Business Strategy that Executes
Business Execution: Linking Strategy to People and Operations
Business Execution: Monitoring and Evaluating Initiatives
Business Execution: Understanding the Fundamentals
Business Finance for Non-Finance Personnel
Business Grammar: Common Usage Errors
Business Grammar: Parts of Speech
Business Grammar: Punctuation
Business Grammar: Sentence Construction
Business Grammar: The Mechanics of Writing
Business Grammar: Working with Words
Business Law and Ethics
Business Law and the Manager's Responsibilities
Business Law Basic Concepts
Business Management and Organizational Leadership Career Prep
Business Management and Organizational Leadership for PMP
Business Management and Organizational Leadership with CAPM
Business Management Career Prep
Business Performance and Financial Measures in Six Sigma
Business Planning Essentials: Performing Key Analyses
Business Planning Essentials: Preparing a Business Plan
Business Planning Essentials: Preparing for Implementation
Business Writing for Busy Professionals - Part 1
Business Writing Training
Business Writing: Editing and Proofreading
Business Writing: How to Write Clearly and Concisely
Business Writing: Know Your Readers and Your Purpose


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CA Advanced I
CA Small Business & Ethics
CA Small Business I
California Business Tax Liabilities Continuing Education Tax Course
California Comprehensive Bundle Includes: Basic, Intermediate w/ California
Campus to Corporate: Developing a Professional Image
Campus to Corporate: Meeting New Expectations
Capital Budgeting: Capital Allocation
Capital Budgeting: Discounted Payback Period and Profitability Index
Capital Budgeting: Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return
Capital Budgeting: The Capital Budgeting Process
Cash Flow Management Essentials for Non-financial Professionals
Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Exam Prep
Certified Associate in Project Management Exam Prep with Organizational Leadership
Certified Bookkeeper
Certified Global Business Professional
Certified Mediator
Certified Protection Officer
Certified Residential Interior Designer
Certified Wedding Planner
Challenges of Facilitating
Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
Chartered Tax Professional
Chartered Tax Professional for California Residents
Chemical Plant Operations
CISA Domain: Governance and Management of IT Part 1
CISA Domain: Governance and Management of IT - Part 2
CISA Domain: IS Acquisition, Development and Implementation - Part 3
CISA Domain: IS Acquisition, Development, and Implementation - Part 1
CISA Domain: IS Operations, Maintenance and Support Part 1
CISA Domain: IS Operations, Maintenance, and Support - Part 2
CISA Domain: Protection of Information Assets Part 2
CISA Domain: Protection of Information Assets Part 1
CISA Domain: The Process of Auditing Information Systems Part1
CISA Domain: The Process of Auditing Information Systems - Part 2
Common Design for Six Sigma Methodologies, Design for X, and Robust Design
Communicating Across Cultures
Communicating During Difficult Times
Communicating in Sales Teams
Communicating Project Information with Project 2010
Communicating Successfully in the American Workplace
Communicating with Professionalism and Etiquette
Communication Skills
Competitive Marketing Strategies: Analyzing Competitors
Competitive Marketing Strategies: Conducting an Internal Analysis
Competitive Marketing Strategies: Selecting and Implementing Strategies
Completing Inbound Sales Calls
Completing Outbound Sales Calls
Comprehensive Bundle: Basic & Intermediate
CompTIA Network+ Certification Prep
CompTIA Network+ Certification Prep
CompTIA Security+ Certification Prep 1
CompTIA Security+ Certification Prep 2
Computer Skills for the Workplace
Conducting Effective Sales Research Meetings
Conducting Experiments and Analyzing Results in Six Sigma
Conflict, Stress, and Time Management
Control Fundamentals and Security Threats
Controlling, Managing and Closing a Project (PRINCE2: 2009-aligned)
Core PMI Values and Ethical Standards
Corporate Governance Training
Corporate Treasury Management
Correlation and Regression Analysis in Six Sigma
Create Work Breakdown Structure
Creating a Successful Business Plan
Creating and Defining a Project
Creating and Designing a Project with Project 2007
Creating and Maintaining a Positive Work Environment
Creating and Managing Personal Sites and Searches in SharePoint 2007
Creating and Sustaining a Customer-focused Organization
Creating Resources in Project 2010
Creating Secure Networks and Performing Security Assessments
Credit Derivatives Training
Critical Requirements and Benchmarking for Six Sigma
Critical Thinking Essentials: Applying Critical Thinking Skills
Critical Thinking Essentials: What Is Critical Thinking?
Cross-functional Strategic Management
Cross-functional Team Fundamentals
Cryptography and Public Key Infrastructures
Culture and Its Effect on Communication
Customer Advocacy: Communicating to Build Trusting Customer Relationships
Customer Advocacy: Enhancing the Customer Experience
Customer Advocacy: Supporting Customer Advocacy
Customer Interactions
Customer Service Confrontation and Conflict
Customer Service Fundamentals: Building Rapport in Customer Relationships
Customer Service in the Field
Customer Service over the Phone
Customer Service Processes and Procedures
Customer Service Representative (CSR) Career Prep
Customer Service Training
Customer-driven Process Improvement: Analyzing Process Problems
Customer-driven Process Improvement: Basic Framework
Customer-driven Process Improvement: From Customer Needs to Process Requirements
Customer-driven Process Improvement: Identifying Customer Needs
Customer-Driven Process Improvement: Identifying Improvement Ideas and Solutions
Customer-driven Process Improvement: Implementing and Maintaining Improvements
Customer-Driven Process Improvement: Mapping and Measuring Processes
Customer-focused Interaction
Customizing Visual Elements in Excel 2010
Customizing Windows 7

D – E

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Data Classification and Collection in Six Sigma
Data Collection and Measurement in Six Sigma
Data Sources, Templates, and Customization in Project 2002
Day Care Administration Career Prep
Dealing with Common Meeting Problems
Dealing with Irrational Customers and Escalating Complaints
Decision Making: Making Tough Decisions
Decision Making: The Fundamentals
Decision Making: Tools and Techniques
Defining and Sequencing Project Activities
Defining Project Properties in Project 2010
Delegation Essentials: An Introduction to Delegating
Delegation Essentials: Overcoming Delegation Problems
Delegation Essentials: The Delegation Process
Delivering a Difficult Message with Diplomacy and Tact
Delivering High-impact Sales Presentations
Design for Six Sigma in the Organization
Design of Experiments and Validation of Solutions in Six Sigma
Designing and Planning Experiments in Six Sigma
Designing Effective Websites
Developing a Brand Internally
Developing a Code of Ethical Conduct
Developing a Customer-focused Sales Approach
Developing a High-performance Organization
Developing and Controlling the Project Schedule
Developing Character for Decisiveness
Developing Character for Perseverance and Resilience
Developing Learning Practices
Developing Project Charters and Tracking Six Sigma Projects
Developing Strategic Peer Relationships in Your Organization
Developing Strong Customer Relationships
Developing the Capacity to Think Strategically
Developing the Right Attitude for Performing under Pressure
Developing the Strategic Thinking Skill of Seeing the Big Picture
Developing Your Reputation of Professionalism with Business Etiquette
Digital Payments
Distribution and Logistics Management
Diversity on the Job: Diversity and You
Diversity on the Job: The Importance of Diversity and the Changing Workplace
Diversity Training for Employees and Managers
Drawing for the Absolute Beginner
Earned Income Tax Credit
Effective Business Writing
Effective Selling
Effective Succession Planning: Determining a Talent Pool for Key Positions
Effective Team Communication
Elements of a Cohesive Team
Embracing Organizational Change
Employee Business Expenses
Employment Law Fundamentals
Employment Taxes
Empowering Students With Disabilities
Engaging Top Performers
Enterprise Project Management
Entrepreneurship: Start-Up and Business Owner Management
Essential Mentoring Techniques: Building and Maintaining Mentoring Relationships
Essential Mentoring Techniques: Designing and Initiating Mentoring Programs
Essential Mentoring Techniques: Evaluating and Ending the Mentoring Program
Essential Mentoring Techniques: Mentoring Fundamentals
Essential Selling Skills: Closing the Sale
Essential Selling Skills: Mastering Cold Calling
Essential Selling Skills: Qualifying Sales Prospects
Essential Skills for Professional Telephone Calls
Essentials of Interviewing and Hiring: Behavioral Interview Techniques
Essentials of Interviewing and Hiring: Conducting an Effective Interview
Essentials of Interviewing and Hiring: Preparing to Interview
Essentials of Interviewing and Hiring: Screening Applicants for Interviewing
Essentials of Interviewing and Hiring: Selecting the Right Candidate
Establishing Team Goals and Responsibilities
Establishing the Conditions for a Learning Culture
Estimating Activity Resources and Durations
Estimating and Budgeting Project Costs
Ethical Decision-making in the Workplace
Evaluating and Sustaining Organizational Learning
Evaluating Supplier Performance and Managing Supplier Relationships
Event Management and Design
Event Planner Career Prep
Excel 2003 Chart and Multimedia Features
Excel 2003 Formulas and Functions
Exploratory Data Analysis in Six Sigma
Explore a Career as an Administrative Medical Assistant
Explore a Career in a Dental Office
Explore a Career in Medical Coding
Explore a Career in Medical Transcription

F – H

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Facilitating Collaborative Processes
Facilitating Difficult Situations
Financial Mathematics
Financial Planning & Wealth Management
Financial Risk Manager (FRM)
First Steps for Turning Around a Performance Problem
First Time Manager: Challenges
First Time Manager: Meeting Expectations
First Time Manager: Understanding a Manager's Role
Florist Career Prep
Food and Customer Service Skills Training
Forensic Computer Examiner
Freight Broker/Agent Training
Fundamentals of Instructional Design
Fundamentals of Lean for Business Organizations
Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior for the Individual
Fundamentals of Organizational Learning
Fundamentals of Organizations - Groups
Fundamentals of Project Management
Fundamentals of Purchasing and Vendor Management
Fundamentals of Supervision and Management
Fundamentals of Supervision and Management II
Fundamentals of Technical Writing
GED Math Review
GED Reading Review
GED Review Comprehensive
GED Science Review
GED Social Studies Review
GED Writing Review
Geometry: Semester 1
Get Grants!
Get Paid to Travel
Global Capital Markets
Grammar Refresher
Grant Writing
Grant Writing Fundamentals
Growing Plants for Fun and Profit
Healthcare IT Technician (exam voucher included)
Help for the Helpdesk
High Speed Project Management
Home Inspection Certificate
Hosting a Microsoft Office 2007 Live Meeting
Hotel and Restaurant Management Career Prep
How to Make Money From Your Writing
HR as Business Partner: From Cost Center to Strategic Partner
HR as Business Partner: Linking HR Functions with Organizational Goals
HR as Business Partner: Managing Talent for Organizational Success
HR as Business Partner: Using Metrics and Designing Strategic Initiatives
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Human Anatomy and Physiology II
Human Resources Professional
HVACR Technician
Hypothesis Testing Concepts and Tests for Means in Six Sigma
Hypothesis Tests for Variances, Proportions, ANOVA, and Chi-Square in Six Sigma


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Identifying and Managing Customer Expectations
Identifying Project Risks
IFRS: Introduction and Conceptual Framework
IFRS: Key Standards for Financial and Accounting Activities
IFRS: Standards for Financial Statements and Their Items
IFRS: Transitioning to IFRS
Implementing and Assessing a Succession Planning Program
Improvement Methods and Implementation Issues in Six Sigma
Improving Your Emotional Intelligence Skills: Self-awareness and Self-management
Incident Management and Response: Introduction and Resources
Incident Management and Response: Planning and Testing
Individual Excellence
Information Risk Management: Analysis, Mitigation, and Monitoring
Information Risk Management: Program Framework and Risk Assessment
Information Security Governance: Developing an Action Plan
Information Security Governance: Overview
Information Security Governance: Strategies and Goals
Information Security Program Development: Introduction and Roadmap
Information Security Program Development: Metrics and Implementation
Information Security Program Development: Resources
Information Security Program Management: Introduction and Framework
Information Security Program Management: Resources and Implementation
Initializing a Project with Project 2010
Initiating and Planning a Project
Initiating Outbound Sales Calls
Initiating Succession Planning
Inserting Basic Charts in Excel 2010
Integrated Initiation and Planning
Integrated Project Change Control and Close
Integrated Project Execution, Monitoring, and Control
Interior Decorating Career Prep
Intermediate CompTIA A+ Certification Prep
Intermediate Microsoft Access 2010
Intermediate Microsoft Access 2007
Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2003
Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2007
Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2010
Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2010 Training
Intermediate Microsoft Word 2007
Intermediate Microsoft Word 2010
Intermediate QuickBooks 2012
Intermediate QuickBooks 2013
Internal Customer Service
Interpersonal Communication
Interpersonal Communication: Being Approachable
Interpersonal Communication: Communicating Assertively
Interpersonal Communication: Communicating with Confidence
Interpersonal Communication: Listening Essentials
Interpersonal Communication: Targeting Your Message
Introducing Windows XP
Introduction to Agile
Introduction to Algebra
Introduction to Auditing
Introduction to Biology
Introduction to Business Analysis
Introduction to Business Analysis and Essential Competencies
Introduction to Business Analysis Planning
Introduction to Chemistry
Introduction to Crystal Reports
Introduction to Crystal Reports 10
Introduction to Green Business and Sustainability
Introduction to Hypothesis Testing and Testing for Means in Six Sigma
Introduction to Information Security
Introduction to Interior Design
Introduction to Internet Writing Markets
Introduction to Journaling
Introduction to Lean for Service and Manufacturing Organizations
Introduction to Microsoft Access 2010
Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2003
Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2007
Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2010
Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2010 Training
Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2007
Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
Introduction to Microsoft Project 2007
Introduction to Microsoft Project 2010
Introduction to Microsoft Publisher 2007
Introduction to Microsoft Publisher 2010
Introduction to Microsoft Word 2007
Introduction to Microsoft Word 2010
Introduction to Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac
Introduction to Nonprofit Management
Introduction to PC Security
Introduction to Peachtree Accounting 2012
Introduction to Program Management
Introduction to Project 2010
Introduction to Project Management
Introduction to Project Management using Project 2010
Introduction to QuickBooks 2010
Introduction to QuickBooks 2011
Introduction to QuickBooks 2012
Introduction to QuickBooks 2013
Introduction to Sales
Introduction to Screenwriting
Introduction to Six Sigma
Introduction to Six Sigma for Champions
Introduction to Stock Options
Introduction to Windows 7
Introduction to Windows 8
Introduction to Windows XP
Introduction to Workplace Ethics
IT Project Management Essentials: Executing IT Projects
IT Project Management Essentials: Initiating and Planning IT Projects
IT Project Management Essentials: Introduction to IT Project Management
IT Project Management Essentials: Managing Risks in an IT Project
IT Project Management Essentials: Monitoring and Controlling IT Projects
IT Project Management Essentials: Testing Deliverables and Closing IT Projects
IT Strategy Essentials: Business and IT Strategy Alignment
IT Strategy Essentials: Creating an IT Strategy Plan
IT Strategy Essentials: Implementing an IT Strategy
ITIL 2011 Edition Foundation: Continual Service Improvement
ITIL 2011 Edition Foundation: Introduction to Service Operation
ITIL 2011 Edition Foundation: ITIL and the Service Lifecycle
ITIL 2011 Edition Foundation: Service Design Fundamentals
ITIL 2011 Edition Foundation: Service Design Processes
ITIL 2011 Edition Foundation: Service Operation Processes
ITIL 2011 Edition Foundation: Service Strategy Fundamentals
ITIL 2011 Edition Foundation: Service Strategy Processes
ITIL 2011 Edition Foundation: Service Transition Processes and Policies
ITIL 2011 Edition Overview: Certification and Benefits
ITIL 2011 Edition Overview: Creating a Service Culture
ITIL 2011 Edition Overview: Introduction to the ITIL Framework

K – M

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Key Aspects of the American Work Environment
Key Strategies for Managing Cross-functional Teams
Keys to Effective Communication
Keys to Successful Money Management
Leadership Essentials: Building Your Influence as a Leader
Leadership Essentials: Communicating Vision
Leadership Essentials: Creating Your Own Leadership Development Plan
Leadership Essentials: Leading Business Execution
Leadership Essentials: Leading Change
Leadership Essentials: Leading Innovation
Leadership Essentials: Leading with Emotional Intelligence
Leadership Essentials: Motivating Employees
Leading Teams: Building Trust and Commitment
Leading Teams: Dealing with Conflict
Leading Teams: Developing the Team and its Culture
Leading Teams: Establishing Goals, Roles, and Guidelines
Leading Teams: Fostering Effective Communication and Collaboration
Leading Teams: Launching a Successful Team
Leading Teams: Managing Virtual Teams
Leading Teams: Motivating and Optimizing Performance
Lean and Six Sigma
Lean Mastery
Lean Tools and Techniques for Flow and Pull
Learn to Buy and Sell on eBay
Learning Styles in the Classroom
Life Coach Career Prep
Listen to Your Hear and Success Will Follow
Listening Essentials: Improving Your Listening Skills
Listening Essentials: The Basics of Listening
Low-Density Concrete Properties
Maintaining an Engaging Organization
Making a Positive Impression in an Internal Interview
Management Essentials: Caring about Your Direct Reports
Management Essentials: Confronting Difficult Employee Behavior
Management Essentials: Delegating
Management Essentials: Developing Your Direct Reports
Management Essentials: Directing Others
Management Essentials: Managing a Diverse Team
Management Essentials: Treating Your Direct Reports Fairly
Management for IT Professionals
Management Training
Managerial Skills and Abilities
Managing a Project
Managing and Deploying Six Sigma
Managing Attitudes during Difficult Times
Managing Change: Building Positive Support for Change
Managing Change: Dealing with Resistance to Change
Managing Change: Sustaining Organizational Change
Managing Change: Understanding Change
Managing Customer Service
Managing Data and Distributing Reports with Crystal Reports XI
Managing Effective Business Meetings
Managing Experienced Managers
Managing for Rapid Change and Uncertainty
Managing High Performers
Managing Internal Dynamics in a Cross-functional Team
Managing New Managers
Managing Procurements
Managing Project Human Resources
Managing Projects within Organizations
Managing Real World Projects
Managing Resource Assignments with Project 2010
Managing Resources During Difficult Times
Managing SharePoint 2010 Pages and Components
Managing SharePoint 2010 Sites, Lists, and Libraries
Managing Six Sigma Team Performance
Managing Software Project Outsourcing: Dealing with Risks
Managing Software Project Outsourcing: Developing a Vendor Contract
Managing Software Project Outsourcing: Preparing to Manage an Outsourced Project
Managing Software Project Outsourcing: Working with the Outsourced Team
Managing Technical Professionals
Managing the Dismissal of an Employee
Managing Workforce Generations: Introduction to Cross-generational Employees
Managing Workforce Generations: Working with a Multigenerational Team
Managing Workforce Generations: Working with the 21st-century Generation Mix
Managing Your Career: Creating a Plan
Managing Your Career: Getting on the Right Track
Managing Your Career: Leveraging the Performance Appraisal
Managing Your Career: Professional Networking Essentials
Managing Your Career: You and Your Boss
Managing Your E-mail
Manipulating Formulas and Using Forms in Excel 2010
Manufacturing Applications
Manufacturing Fundamentals
Market Risk – Basic, Intermediate, Advanced
Marketing Design Certificate
Marketing Essentials: Introduction to Marketing
Marketing Essentials: Marketing and Ethics
Marketing Essentials: Place
Marketing Essentials: Planning and People
Marketing Essentials: Product and Price
Marketing Essentials: Promotion
Marketing Your Business on the Internet
Marketing Your Nonprofit
Mastering Public Speaking
Mastery of Business Fundamentals
Measurement: Assessment and Metrics
Measuring Process Capability and Performance in Six Sigma
Medical Math
Meeting the Needs of Your Experts
Mentoring 642-611 Instructor Series: Cisco MPLS 2.2
Mentoring 642-661 Instructor Series: Cisco BGP 3.2
Mentoring Six Sigma Green Belt (SSGB)
Merrill Ream Speed Reading
Microsoft Access 2007 and Microsoft Publisher 2007
Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011: Applying Basic Data Formatting
Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011: Getting Started
Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011: Inserting Basic Charts
Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011: Moving Data and Modifying Worksheets
Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011: Navigating the Interface and Viewing Workbooks
Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011: Saving, Sending, and Printing Workbooks
Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011: Using Basic Formulas
Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011: Using Basic Functions
Microsoft Project 2010: Getting Started
Microsoft SharePoint 2010: New Features for Power Users
Microsoft Windows 7: First Look for End Users
Modeling and Analyzing Processes in Six Sigma
Monitoring and Controlling Project Scope
Monitoring and Improving Performance
Monitoring Schedule Performance with Project 2010
Motivating a Winning Sales Team
Motivation and Communication in Six Sigma Teams
Moving a course from the classroom to cyberspace
Moving and Getting Around in Excel 2010
Moving Data and Modifying Worksheets in Excel 2010
Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom
Multivariate Analysis and Attribute Data Analysis in Six Sigma
Mystery Writing

N – P

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Natural Gas Plant Operations
Navigating SAP R/3 Release 4.6
Navigating the Web and System Maintenance with Windows Vista
Negotiating to Mutual Benefit
Negotiation Essentials: Avoiding Pitfalls in Negotiations
Negotiation Essentials: Communicating
Negotiation Essentials: Persuading
Negotiation Essentials: Planning for Negotiation
Negotiation Essentials: What Is Negotiation?
Negotiation Skills for Sales Professionals: Preparing to Negotiate
Negotiation Skills for Sales Professionals: Reaching Agreement
Negotiation Skills for Sales Professionals: Value Exchange
Net Operating Losses
Network and System Security Mechanisms
Network Protocols, Attacks, and Defenses
New Features for End Users in Microsoft Office 2007
Non-Profit Management
Non-Resident Alien Returns
Nonparametric Tests in Six Sigma Analysis
Nonprofit Fundraising Essentials
Nonstatistical Analysis Methods in Six Sigma
Nonstatistical Control Tools and Maintaining Controls in Six Sigma
Office 2010 Web Apps and New Features in Publisher and Mobile
Oil Refinery Operations
Operational Risk Management
Operations and Supply Chain Management
Operations Management and the Organization
Operations Management: Facilities Planning and Management
Operations Management: Forecasting and Capacity Planning
Operations Management: Inventory Management
Operations Management: Management of Quality
Operations Management: Operations Scheduling
Operations Management: Product and Service Management
Optimizing Excel 2002
Optimizing Your Work/Life Balance: Analyzing Your Life Balance
Optimizing Your Work/Life Balance: Maintaining Your Life Balance
Optimizing Your Work/Life Balance: Taking Control of Your Stress
Oracle PL/SQL Training
Organizational Behavior: Dynamics of a Positive Organizational Culture
Organizational Budgeting Activities and the Master Budget
Organizational Structure and Employee Behavior
Organizing and Managing Project Information
Organizing Data and Objects in Excel 2010
Overcoming Challenges of Managing Top Performers
Overcoming Challenges When Managing Experts
Overcoming the Barriers to Decisiveness
Overview of Project Management (PRINCE2: 2009-aligned)
Paper Mill Operations
Pay Per Click Marketing
Payroll Practice and Management
Performance Appraisal Essentials: 360-Degree Appraisals
Performance Appraisal Essentials: Conducting Traditional Appraisals
Performance Appraisal Essentials: Planning for Appraisals
Performing Comprehensive Building Assessments
Performing Payroll in QuickBooks 2010
Performing Payroll in QuickBooks 2011
Performing Payroll in QuickBooks 2012
Performing Payroll in QuickBooks 2013
Performing Risk Analysis
Performing with Others under Pressure
Personal Finance
Personal Productivity Improvement: Managing Tasks and Maximizing Productivity
Personal Productivity Improvement: Managing Your Workspace
Personal Productivity: Self-Organization and Overcoming Procrastination
Personality Types Among Us
Photographer Career Prep
PivotTable Filters, Calculations, and PowerPivot
PivotTables and PivotCharts in Excel 2010
Planning and Preparing an Operating Budget
Planning Business Analysis Communication and Monitoring
Planning for Performance
Planning Project Human Resources
Planning Project Procurement
PMP Certification Prep 1
PMP Certification Prep 2
Positive Parenting
Power Plant Operations
Prepare for Success
Prepare for the GED® Math Test
Prepare for the GED® Test
Preparing a Business Case
Preparing for a Difficult Conversation
Preparing for an Internal Interview
Preparing for Business Crises
Preparing for Effective Business Meetings
Preparing for Inbound Sales Calls
Preparing for Organizational Change
Preparing for Outbound Sales Calls
Preparing for Successful Sales
Preparing Operating Budgets and the Cash Budget
Preparing to Communicate Effectively at the 'C' Level
Preparing to Dismiss an Employee
Presenting Your Case
Presenting Your Proposition
Preventing Problem Performance
Principles of Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Professionals
Principles of Management
Principles of Time Management
Printing and Collaborating in Excel 2003
Probability Distributions and Measurement Systems Analysis in Six Sigma
Probability for Six Sigma
Problem Solving: Determining and Building Your Strengths
Problem Solving: Digging Deeper
Problem Solving: The Fundamentals
Problem-Solving and Process Management Tools
Process Capability for Six Sigma
Process Characteristics for Six Sigma
Processes and Customer Analysis in Six Sigma Projects
Processes for Managing Project Communications
Professional Bookkeeping with QuickBooks 2010
Professional Bookkeeping with QuickBooks 2012
Professional Bookkeeping with QuickBooks 2013
Professional Communication
Professional in Human Resources (PHR) Exam Prep
Professional Interpreter
Professional Networking Essentials: Developing Confidence
Professional Networking Essentials: Finding Opportunities To Make Connections
Professional Risk Manager (PRM)
Professional Sales Skills
Professional Tax Preparer Certification (DL)
Professionalism, Business Etiquette, and Personal Accountability
Program Life Cycle and Benefits Management
Progressing through the Complex Sale
Project Data Management and Performance with MS Project 2007
Project Management
Project Management Applications
Project Management Fundamentals
Project Management Overview
Project Management Process Groups
Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Prep
Project Management Professional Exam Prep with Organizational Leadership
Project Management Team Leadership
Project Management with CAPM and PMP Prep
Project Management with Microsoft Project 2007
Project Management with Microsoft Project 2010
Project Management: Mastering with Microsoft Project
Project Organization, Planning and Risk (PRINCE2: 2009-aligned)
Project Quality Planning
Project Quality, Change and Progress (PRINCE2: 2009-aligned)
Project Requirements and Defining Scope
Project Risk Management: PMI-RMP Exam Prep
Protect Your Money, Credit, and Identity
Public Speaking Strategies: Confident Public Speaking
Public Speaking Strategies: Preparing Effective Speeches
Publish and Sell Your E-Books
Pulp Mill Operations
Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
Purchasing Fundamentals
Purchasing: Finding Sources of Supply

Q – S

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Quality Assurance and Quality Control
Quality in a Support Center
Quality Management Basics
Quality Systems, Models, and Theories
QuickBooks 2010 for Contractors
QuickBooks 2011 for Contractors
QuickBooks 2012 for Contractors
QuickBooks 2013 for Contractors
Quickbooks for Small Business Owners
Quickbooks Pro
QuickBooks Pro 2009: Getting Started
Reaching Out to the Strong-Willed Child
Real Estate Investing
Real Estate Investing II: Financing Your Property
Real Estate Law
Rebuilding Trust
Receiving Feedback and Criticism
Recognizing and Diagnosing Problem Performance
Records Management Certificate
Recovering from Business Crises
Recruiting Talent
Reducing Waste and Streamlining Value Flow Using Lean
Remote Access and Wireless Security
Rental Property
Reporting Basics with Crystal Reports XI
Research Methods for Writers
Resolving Issues with Hardware and Network Connectivity
Responding to Business Crises
Responding To The IRS
Response to Intervention: Reading Strategies That Work
Resume Writing Workshop
Retail Banking
Retail Customer Service Skills Training
Retaining Top Performers
Retaining Your Talent Pool
Retirement Income
Reviewing and Protecting Content in Excel 2010
Reviewing and Rewarding Performance
Right On the Money - Personal and Practical Personal Finance
Risk Management Planning
Risk Management: Assessing Risk
Risk Management: Dealing with Risk
Risk Management: Identifying Risk
Risk Response, Monitor, and Control
Romance Writing
Sales and Marketing Professional
SAP R/3 Release 4.6 Fundamentals
Sarbanes-Oxley Act Training
SAT/ACT Preparation - Part 1
SAT/ACT Preparation - Part 2
Saving, Sending, and Printing Excel 2010 Workbooks
Schedule C / Sole Proprietorships
Schedule D - Special Issues
Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Secrets of the Caterer
Securing Applications, Virtualized Environments, and Cloud Computing
Securing the IT Environment
Selecting Suppliers and Administering Contracts
Senior Certified Sustainability Professional
Setting and Managing Priorities within the Organization: Communication
Setting and Managing Priorities within the Organization: Deciphering Priorities
Setting and Managing Priorities within the Organization: Mission and Goals
Setting and Managing Priorities within the Organization: Motivation
Setting up and Securing Windows 7
Sexual Harassment Awareness for Employees and Managers
Shaping the Direction of Customer Service in Your Organization
SharePoint 2007 Essentials
SharePoint 2010 End User Training
SharePoint 2010 New Features for End Users
SharePoint 2010 Power User Training
SharePoint 2010 Security and Business Intelligence
Sharing Excel 2010 Workbooks Online and on a Network
Sharing Project Data and Working with Macros
Six Sigma and Lean in the Organization
Six Sigma Black Belt
Six Sigma Green Belt
Six Sigma Leadership and Change Management
Six Sigma Measurement Systems
Six Sigma Process Improvement
Six Sigma Projects and Project Teams
Six Sigma Projects and the Black Belt Role
Six Sigma: Total Quality Applications
Skills for Making Great Decisions
Small Business I
Small Business II
Small Business Income Tax Course Level 1
Small Business Income Tax Course Level 2
Small Business Marketing on a Shoestring
Solution Selling: Creating New Opportunities
Solution Selling: Mastering the Essentials
Solution Selling: Meeting an Active Need
Spanish for Banking
Spanish for Construction
Spanish for Human Resources
Spanish for Manufacturing
Spanish for Medical Professionals
Spanish for Social Services
Spanish for the Workplace
Spanish for Warehouses & Distribution Centers
Special Design Tools in Design for Six Sigma
Special Needs & Concerns For Seniors
Specifying and Assigning Resources in Project 2007
Stakeholders and the Communications Management Plan
Start a Pet Sitting Business
Start and Operate Your Own Home-Based Business
Start Your Own Arts and Crafts Business
Start Your Own Business in Alternative Energy
Start Your Own Business in Aromatherapy
Start Your Own Business in Career Coaching
Start Your Own Business in Floristry
Start Your Own Business in Interior Decorating
Start Your Own Business in Landscaping
Start Your Own Business in Solar and Wind Energy
Start Your Own Business in Solar and Wind Energy Career Prep Complete
Start Your Own Business in Solar Energy
Start Your Own Business in Wedding Planning
Start Your Own Gift Basket Business
Start Your Own Small Business
Starting a Consulting Practice
Starting a Nonprofit
Starting Up, Initiating and Directing a Project (PRINCE2®: 2009-aligned)
Statistical Process Control (SPC) in Six Sigma
Statistical Process Control and Control Plans in Six Sigma
Statistics and Probability in Six Sigma
Stocks, Bonds, and Investing: Oh, My!
Strategic Planning
Strategic Sales Planning
Strategies for Communicating with Tact and Diplomacy
Strategies for Successful Employee Onboarding: An Introduction
Strategies for Successful Employee Onboarding: Assessing Program Success
Strategies for Successful Employee Onboarding: Getting Started
Strategies for Transitioning to Technical Management
Succeeding in the American Workplace
Summarizing and Presenting Data in Six Sigma
Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management Fundamentals
Support Center Services and Work Environment
Support Center Tools, Technologies and Metrics
Sustaining Improvements and Gains from Six Sigma Projects


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Tailoring PRINCE2 to a Project Environment
Taking Action for Performing under Pressure
Talent Management: Acquiring Talent
Talent Management: Basics
Talent Management: Developing and Engaging Talent
Talent Management: Planning
Talent Management: Retaining Talent
Tax Issues For Divorced Or Seperated Taxpayers
Tax Issues For High Income Taxpayers
Tax Pro Business Package
Tax Pro Career Package
Teaching Online Successfully
Team and Customer Relationships
Team Dynamics
Technical Writing
Techniques for Communicating Effectively with Senior Executives
Telecommuting Basics: Communication Strategies for the Remote Employee
Telecommuting Basics:Maximizing Productivity as a Remote Employee
TestPrep Six Sigma Green Belt (SSGB)
Tests for Variances and Proportions, ANOVA, and Chi-square Tests in Six Sigma
The Accounting Cycle and Accrual Accounting
The Accounting Equation and Financial Statements
The Aerospace & Defense Industry Overview: Version 1
The Analysis and Valuation of Stocks
The Automotive Industry Overview: Version 3
The Balance Sheet
The Banking Industry Overview: Version 3
The Benefits and Challenges of Engaging Employees
The Biotechnology Industry Overview: Version 1
The Broadcasting & Entertainment Industry Overview: Version 1
The Capital Markets Industry Overview: Version 1
The Cash Flow Statement
The Chemicals Industry Overview: Version 1
The Consumer Electronics Industry Overview: Version 1
The Craft of Magazine Writing
The Customer Service Representative (CSR)
The Education Industry Overview: Version 1
The Essentials of Budgeting for Non-financial Professionals
The Facilitator Role
The Federal Government Industry Overview: Version 3
The Food and Beverage Industry Overview: Version 3
The Fundamentals of Globalization: Strategies for Globalization
The Fundamentals of Globalization: The Global Context
The Health Care Industry Overview: Version 3
The Impact of Situation and Style When Communicating with Diplomacy and Tact
The Income Statement
The Information Technology Industry Overview: Version 3
The Insurance Industry Overview: Version 3
The Keys to Effective Editing
The Manufacturing Industry Overview: Version 3
The Oil and Gas Industry Overview: Version 3
The Pharmaceutical Industry Overview: Version 3
The Retail Industry Overview: Version 3
The Role of Ethics in Project Management
The Strategic Account Sales Approach
The Telecommunications Industry Overview: Version 3
The Time Value of Money and Investment Decisions for Non-financial Professionals
The Utilities Industry Overview: Version 1
The Value of Peer Relationships
The Voice of Leadership: Effective Leadership Communication Strategies
The Voice of Leadership: Inspirational Leadership
The Voice of Leadership: Self-assessment and Motivation
The Voice of Leadership: The Power of Leadership Messaging
Thinking Like a CFO: Making Financial Decisions
Thinking Like a CFO: Managing Risk
Thinking Like a CFO: Mind-set and Financial Priorities
Thinking Like a CFO: Preparing and Presenting a Business Case
Time Management: Analyzing Your Use of Time
Time Management: Avoiding Time Stealers
Time Management: Planning and Prioritizing Your Time
Tools for Planning and Managing Six Sigma Project Opportunities
Total Quality Fundamentals
Tracking and Reporting Progress with Project 2007
Tracking and Reporting with Project 2002
Training and Development
Transitioning from Technical Professional to Management
Transitioning into a Project Management Role
Travel Agent Training
Travel and Tourism Agent Career Prep
Travel Writing
Trial Balance & Adjusting Entries
Troubleshooting and Closing the Project
Twelve Steps to a Successful Job Search

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Understanding Organizational Change
Understanding Organizational Power and Politics
Understanding the Human Resources Function
Understanding Your Customer
Up and Running with Microsoft Windows XP
Up and Running with Project 2002
Upgrading to Microsoft Excel 2010
Using Basic Control Charts in Six Sigma
Using Basic Formulas in Excel 2010
Using Basic Functions with Excel 2010
Using Budgets for Management and Control
Using Business Etiquette to Build Professional Relationships
Using Business Tools to Manage Sales Teams
Using Conditional Formatting, Tables, and Sparklines in Excel 2010
Using E-mail and Instant Messaging Effectively
Using E-mail, the Internet, and Social Media Safely in a Corporate Environment
Using Emotional Intelligence on the Job
Using Excel 2010 Data Connections: Web Queries, XML, and Databases
Using Excel 2010 to Collaborate Online and with Other Office Applications
Using Facilitation Skills as a Manager
Using Feedback to Improve Team Performance
Using Lean for Perfection and Quality
Using Lookup, Reference, Math, and Text Functions in Excel 2010
Using Progressive Discipline to Correct Problem Performance
Using SAP R/3 Release 4.6
Using SharePoint 2010 with Office 2010
Using Six Sigma Analysis Tools and Metrics for Project Decisions
Using Social Media in Business
Using Strategic Thinking Skills
Using Voice of the Customer in Six Sigma
Value Stream Mapping in Lean Business
Verifying Excel 2010 Data and Formulas
Web Design Professional
Wedding Planner Career Prep
What is Emotional Intelligence?
Where Does All My Money Go?
Windows Vista Security and Performance Improvements
Windows Vista User Experience
Windows XP: Advanced
Windows XP: Fundamentals
Work with Files, Programs, and Printing in Windows Vista
Workbook Settings, Conditional Formatting, and Number Formats in Excel 2010
Workers' Compensation
Workgroup, Collaboration, and Advanced Reporting Options in Project 2002
Working Collaboratively
Working with Difficult People
Working with Difficult People: Dealing with Micromanagers
Working with Difficult People: How to Work with Aggressive People
Working with Difficult People: How to Work with Manipulative People
Working with Difficult People: How to Work with Negative People
Working with Difficult People: How to Work with Procrastinators
Working with Difficult People: How to Work with Self-serving People
Working with Difficult People: Identifying Difficult People
Working with Your Customer's Key Players
Working within the Sales Culture of Your Organization
Workplace Conflict: Recognizing and Responding to Conflict
Workplace Conflict: Strategies for Resolving Conflicts
Write and Publish Your Nonfiction Book
Write Fiction Like a Pro
Writing a Business Case
Writing and Selling Self-Help Books
Writing Effective Grant Proposals
Writing Essentials
Writing for Children
Writing for ESL
Writing for Technical Professionals: Effective Writing Techniques
Writing for Technical Professionals: Preparation and Planning
Writing under Pressure: Preparing for Success
Writing under Pressure: The Writing Process