Achieving Top Search Engine Positions

SEO Course Overview:

Learn how to successfully enter the search engine job market through this intensive, hands-on, six-week course. Whether you simply wish to increase traffic to your own website or help businesses attract new customers to their web pages, this course provides you with the information you need to do both. A deeper understanding of how search engines work is vital to directing traffic in the direction you or your employer wants browsers, or potential consumers, to go. The secrets of comprehending the workings of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are covered in these lessons, as well as insights into ways to increase a site’s visibility.

In order to achieve a top position in the search engine field, you will need to know how to strategically and masterfully use HTML tags to enter a search engine’s ranking system. Appropriate keyword selection, including the number and variety of keyword phrases, can make or break your visibility on a search engine’s radar. When you’ve completed this highly interactive course, you will have the knowledge and experience you’ll need to implement SEO strategies that will give you entree to search engine positions in the web-based industry.

  • Discover how search engines work and how important events have shaped the entire Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry.
  • Learn which search engines are used the most frequently, and which ones you must absolutely get your site listed in.
  • Master important HTML tags and understand how to use them effectively and ethically.
  • Explore exciting and free online tools that can help you choose the most popular keywords related to the topic of your Web site.
  • Domain, folder, and file naming conventions are discussed along with content layout and its effect on search engine positions.
  • TheĀ entire SEO cycle is covered in detail, from primary keyword selection through the post-submission analysis. By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge and the know-how to achieve top search engine positions!

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Instructor: Robert Viers