Certified Alternative Dispute Resolution Specialist

Alternative Dispute Resolution Certificate Course

Managing conflicts in the workplace is a special skill that is too often overlooked until those conflicts arise. Being able to resolve disputes can help everyone from Human Resources professionals to Managers. Office Clerks and Administrative Professionals who understand dispute resolution also get along better with co-workers and demonstrate superior communication skills.

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Certificate is an in-depth course that trains students to create conflict resolution plans. Courses cover conflict resolution using both traditional and non-traditional methods of bargaining and settlement. Students will first learn about the nature of conflicts and why they escalate. They will study different types of problems that are commonly faced in the workplace and different methods of managing them. Topics such as personal disputes and divorce settlement are also covered.

The program includes job search strategies for those students who are seeking employment in conflict resolution or human resources. Students who complete this course receive a Certificate of Completion.

Students have seven weeks to complete this course. It is offered multiple times throughout the year so students can enroll when they are available. Assignments and exams are emailed for grading to the Center for Legal Studies. Final projects are required in order to receive the Completion Certificate.