A Human Resources Professional plays an essential role in a business of nearly any size. Recruiting and hiring new employees, planning for future growth, understanding legal issues, establishing training programs, and performing other duties are all part of an HR professional’s function within a company. Gain the knowledge required to understand various appraisal types and learn how to evaluate employee performance. United States government laws regarding hiring procedures and OSHA regulations, which are essential to workplace safety, are covered in this course that requires no prerequisite classes. This course will help you prepare for the Professional in Human Resources certification examination, which is accredited by the Human Resource Certification Institute. In order to qualify for this certification, students with an MS degree need to have at least a year of work experience in the Human Resources field. Those who have earned a BS degree need two years’ professional experience, while students with a high school diploma need to have worked in an HR environment for at least four years.

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Human Resources classes (4 to 6 week self-paced):