Every business of any size needs a Human Resources Professional on staff. HR professionals manage all aspects of employment within a company, including recruitment, hiring, appraisals, strategic planning, legal issues and much more. Gaining certification as a Human Resources Professional is a smart career move for anyone seeking employment in this field.

Students in the Human Resources Professional program will study recruitment techniques that attract the appropriate employees for specific positions. They will learn how to establish training programs. They will also be given insight into different types of appraisals and employee performance evaluations.

This course covers the technical aspects of hiring laws. This includes regulations set forth by the United States government. Students will also learn about OSHA regulations, which are vital to safety in the workplace.

This program covers information needed to take the Professional in Human Resources certification exam, which is certified by the Human Resource Certification Institute. There are no prerequisites for taking this course, but there are some prerequisites for qualifying for certification. Students with master’s degrees must have a minimum of one year of experience in a Human Resources position. Students with bachelor’s degrees must have two years of professional experience. Those with a high school diploma or equivalency must have worked in a Human Resources environment for a minimum of four years.

Certificate Programs Offered:

Advanced Human Resources Management with PHR Prep

Human Resources Professional

Professional In Human Resources (PHR) Exam Prep


Human Resources classes (4 to 6 week self-paced):