Secrets of Better Photography Secrets o Secrets of Better Photography is a hands-on course for beginning and emerging photographers, as well as those transitioning from traditional to digital photography. You’ll learn how to take better pictures by understanding how different types of cameras work and getting to know each of the features your camera offers.

With each lesson you’ll have an assignment to put the course work into your hands and throughout the class, you’ll have the opportunity to have your images critiqued by your classmates and the teaching team. We’ll cover digital equipment, lighting, compositional tips and tricks, as well as ways to work with people and pets for great portraits! You’ll explore photojournalism, still-life photography, a few digital editing tools, as well as manual settings for dynamic exposure. With step-by-step explanations and lots of examples, you’ll see how to take your camera out of automatic mode with terrific results. You may be surprised at what f/stops. aperture settings, and shutter speed can do for you! We’ll explain terms like depth of field, and frozen action and show you how to use your camera to get shots like the pros.

After six short weeks, you’ll see the difference in your photographer’s eye, and your photos! more info...

Instructor: Beverly Schulz